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Indonesian Teachers' Association

The Association is proud to promote the study of the Indonesian language and culture, especially in relation to the increasing importance of Indonesia in the cultural, economic and political spheres.
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Latest news and events

The Indonesian Teachers’ Association of South Australia is the body and voice of teachers of the Indonesian language and culture from across all South Australian education sectors.
AIASA & INTAN Awards for Excellence 2016

The Australian Indonesian Association of South Australia (AIASA) in partnership with the Indonesian Teachers' Association of South Australia (INTAN) seek to acknowledge and reward high achieving students of Bahasa Indonesia.…

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Annual End of Year Dinner Invitation

We would like to invite you and yours along to attend our annual end of year dinner. Let's celebrate the end of 2016 at the wonderful Pondok Daun, Currie St, Adelaide on Friday December 2 at 6pm. If you would like to join us for a…

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Kendari Study Tour

Whether you are a primary or secondary teacher, the administrator of tuition programs, or you are researching education (or all three) you will find something to grab your imagination in this five-day working visit to a school in…

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  • Advocates

    Advocates for teachers of Indonesian across all education sectors including AISSA, DECD and CESA

  • Professional Learning

    Organises and presents professional learning activities on a regular basis for teachers

  • Informs

    Keeps teachers informed of matters of interest through regular newsletters and email updates

  • Feedback

    Provides feedback and responds to education departmental initiatives and resources

  • Represents

    Provides representation on the Modern Language Teachers' Association and Council of Educational Associations of South Australia

  • Liaises

    Liaises with the tertiary sector to enhance professional learning opportunities for teachers

  • Supports

    Works closely to advise and support community organisations and events such as the OzAsia Festival and INDOfest

  • Community

    Provides information about events and contacts with the Indonesian community in South Australia


Benefits of becoming a member

INTAN Membership allows you to network with like-minded people in a professional and social environment and to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the Indonesian language and culture teaching and learning sphere in South Australia.
Our members section is coming soon - get in contact with us to keep updated.

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