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About Us

We are the Indonesian Teachers’ Association of South Australia or INTAN for short

The committee comprises of dedicated volunteers charged with the mission to raise the profile of Indonesian language and culture, supporting teachers and students at all levels and in all education sectors in SA.

We cooperate with other institutions, associations and the community to advocate for studies of Indonesian.

We organise professional learning and conferences for teachers, provide feedback on educational documents, and host events with networking opportunities for members.

If you are interested in becoming a member please email us:

Meet our President


Blake teaches Indonesian at Open Access College. Her love for Indonesian grew at Largs Bay Primary & LeFevre High. Studied at Adelaide Uni and teaching since 2012. Blake is proud of committee accomplishments over the past 6 years and is inspired for the future of Indonesian in schools.

Blake has learnt words in Kaurna, Dutch & Auslan. She teaches Psychology which highlights how culture shapes our attitude and behaviour. Her hobbies include knitting & crochet, plants, cinema & brunch with family & friends.

Blake loves pineapples & other tropical fruit. Listens to Hindia & the Changcutters. Loves watching sunsets at Jimbaran Bay.

Blake’s advice is to set up predictable routines. Start lessons with greetings & gratitude. Brain breaks (breathe, stretch, songs and games) help refocus attention. Small habits daily: read a short text or play Katla.


We are passionate about teaching Indonsian

Deeply Committed

We are commited to supporting Teachers and Students


We are building a community of like minded members